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Are your products available in any retail stores where I can test them before purchasing?

We currently do not sell through any physical retail stores. This is one of the key ways that we are able to keep our prices low for customers. We sell exclusively through Amazon.com (Outdoor Gear Fox is our official Amazon seller) and our own site. Either way there is a no questions asked return policy, making testing the product very possible.

Do you ever offer any discounts or promo codes?

We believe in delivering consistent value to our customers, so we keep our pricing consistent year round. The only exception is for active duty US military, whom we're honored to provide our products for at a discount.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders are almost always shipped out within 24 hours (weekend orders are shipped out the following Monday). Shipping generally takes 2-4 days, depending on where you are located. We ship from Boise, Idaho.

Should I buy through UplandOptics.com, or Amazon.com?

We are a third party seller on Amazon, so either way your order is coming directly from us. If you order through Amazon, they will fulfill the order from their warehouses.

I found one of your products on another website for a cheaper price, is it legitimate?

Probably not. We sell exclusively through UplandOptics.com and Amazon.com, be extremely careful with other websites as they may be fraudulent (particularly if they claim to be selling the product new at a discounted price).

What are the details of your lifetime warranty?

You can find the legal writing of our warranty, as well as instructions for getting service, on this page. Bottom line: We take care of our customers.