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Why the Perception HD is the Best Pair of Binoculars for Hunters

We knew before we began designing the Perception HD binoculars that it would be difficult to stand out from the crowd. After all, a search for "binoculars" on Amazon yields 94,502 results. And it wasn't just the sheer number of competitors that intimidated us, but the fact that the established players had been in the game for decades, and had millions of dollars to spend on product development.

It seemed like an impossible task, until we realized something very crucial: There are very few binoculars made specifically for hunters. Most optics companies manufacture a wide range of multipurpose binoculars, along with hundreds of other products that fall into the sporting optics category. While it is true that many of them are suitable for hunting, few (if any) are designed with that exclusive purpose in mind. Once we realized that, our purpose was simple: Craft the best pair of binoculars a hunter could ever dream of using.

The result of months of effort, the Perception HD is something that we are truly proud of and use ourselves in the field.

Fit for the Hunt

We knew that while it would be nice to have a pair of binoculars with 15x magnification and 70mm objective lenses when scanning the hills on a big hunt, it is absolutely no fun to haul them around. At the same time, a pair of 6x21mm binos isn't going to help you find many animals. We settled on a 42mm objective lens, because we knew it was the ideal balance between size and power. We started with 10x zoom, and will soon be launching an 8x zoom model as well.

Outside of the basic specs, lots of other factors go into making these binoculars ideal for hunting, such as waterproofing and, many hunter's favorite feature, lens cups that don't detach completely from the binoculars.

Incredible Glass

When it comes to glass, we knew there was only one way to go: Extra Low Dispersion glass, or ED glass. It is used not only in high end binoculars and sporting optics, but also in photography, and other fields that required extremely clear glass with minimal light dispersion. For an explanation of dispersion and what makes ED glass so special, check out this article.



Let's face facts, there is nothing gentle about hunting. You wake up early in the morning, climb a mountain with a heavy pack, almost always miles away from the nearest man made trail, climbing over rivers and rocks and downed trees. Your binoculars need to be able to handle the stresses that go along with territory. Many binoculars use glass that is hardly any sturdier than your average window pane, and breaks with the lightest of bumps. We designed the Perception HD binoculars to meet the toughest of quality standards, and used the most durable of materials. And if that wasn't enough, they are also covered by our excellent lifetime warranty policy!


It is absolutely shocking the range in prices you will see in binoculars. On one end, you'll see a pair for around $20 that almost make it harder to see and fall apart at the slightest bump. On the other, a pair for well over $2,000 that have incredible optical clarity, but you wouldn't dare risk bringing in the field. We sought to seek the middle ground, a price that the average hunter wouldn't lose sleep over, but still allowed us to use high end materials.

We also have embraced lean business practices, operating with extremely low overhead. This means lower costs for both us as a company, and for you the consumer. Instead of paying for some executive's high rise office building and gold watch, you're getting top quality binoculars at an incredibly low price.

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